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Perfect location

Zeeland's Delta is a true paradise for divers. There is much more to see than meets the eye. The Delta is teeming with fish, mollusks, sponges and water anemones. 

Our campground is the perfect base to explore the popular dive sites of Lake Grevelingen, Veerse Meer and Oosterschelde. ​

Since October 2002, no diving license is required for diving in the Zeeland Delta. However, rules do apply, which we would be happy to tell you more about!

Holiday bungalow

Don't feel like pitching your tent? Totally understandable! Fortunately, we have a spacious 8 person vacation bungalow at our campsite in Zeeland. Enjoy the luxury of home in the beautiful countryside of Zeeland!


You also need to keep an eye out and know what you're doing, though. The Veerse Meer is suitable for the beginner diver, but the Oosterschelde can be dangerous and it is definitely not a beginner's water. This has to do with the current. Not only the horizontal, but also the vertical currents can be treacherous.

It is best to inquire about this with local experts. Also, the current atlas and the tide table (see are very useful.

Special dive sites

In the vicinity of the campsite, there are beautiful dive sites, including the Zeelandbrug and the south coast of Schouwen-Duiveland.

The difference in water temperature results in underwater seasons. These different seasons make for great biodiversity.

Diving in the Area

For true diving adventurers, Camping Zierikzee is the ultimate destination! Our spacious camping field offers groups of divers the ideal place to camp together, whether in tents or caravans.

Discover the breathtaking underwater world of Zeeland and enjoy the diversity of dive sites in the area.

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